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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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those right-of-way on the street poles to achieve the coverage of the gap that you said exist? >> so, at & t does not even have an approved distributed antenna designed approved by the san francisco. this is a pretty clear case. i think we would pursue legal means to pursue this site. we've been waiting 2 years, our federal shot clock is 150 days. if we had noticed through oh omar, we worked closely with the planning department, if he gets wind to opposition right before we had our community meeting we held a separate meeting for 3-4 hours to
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address these concerns, we didn't have that in this case. this is the first time. i think we had 7 or maybe 9 people at the planning commission. it's been almost three 3 years in january. our shop clock is 150 days. we met our legal obligation and we ask that you move forward to support the planning commission's decision. >> thank you. >> colleagues, any more questions? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment . if there is any member from the pub protected bike -- public wishing to speak. let's hear from our rebuttals. >> supervisors, thank you for listening to us.
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we could have potentially resolved this much easier had the problem been approved. i think there is a problem with trust. why do we, the community not trust at & t? how come, why can't they get our trust? not just us, not just our community, each of your communities as they apply, not just at & t but the other carriers they are going to the same same thing. he said she said type situation where it doesn't of to be like this. the wts siting guidelines, i think the spirit was excellent back in 1996, but somehow that wholen at the present time has the focus has been lost. there is no accountability to
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us, the citizens. you are our leaders and we look to you to help us. district 1, with supervisor mar is our leader and each of you have your own constituents. this is going to be a problem. we need to find solutions, residential areas are not where antennas should be. they should be as indicated in the guidelines on public areas, places where people are not living. and it's interesting that the international firefighters association had a resolution that prohibits antenna on their buildings. i wonder why? i think there is a problem. so we need to solve this and i really
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thank you for the opportunity to bring the sub. it is a bird in the saddle. i am for technology, but it has to be right. thank you. >>president david chiu: thank you, colleagues, any final questions for the parties involved today. >> yes, ma i i continue my pictures. i didn't finish. >> unfortunately man -- madam, public comment is closed. >> you will see the picture clearly. >> we hear what you are saying. we need to give the member of the public the same amount of time. thank you very much. colleagues any final comments before we close this hearing? >> supervisor mar?
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>>supervisor eric mar: i want to thank many of the neighborhoods. >>president david chiu: colleagues unless there is any objection, this hearing is now closed. supervisor mar? >>supervisor eric mar: i want to thank everyone for attending. i urge my colleagues to listen to the sentiments of my neighbors. i will be moving to not authorize this. the lack of communication with at & t is a critical part of it. the independent study done by the neighborhood should be looked at carefully as well. i appreciate the planning staff walking us through the issues, but in my opinion based on my knowledge of how close sensitive receptors like young from
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birth to five children are so close to the nine antennas plus the many different restaurants and other activities especially sushi bistro which is one of my daughter's favorite restaurants. it's my neighborhood that we are talking about and my neighbors are very fearful of approval of a project like this. so i ask you to stand with me and my neighbors in rejecting this conditional use authorization decision. so i will move that we disapprove the conditional use authorization. that's item 23 and that we table items 22 and 24. >>president david chiu: supervisor mar has made a motion to disapprove the cu, second by supervisor kim. any additional from colleagues. >> mr. president if it's the
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desire to disapprove the appeal, it would be important to approve item 24. >> let me ask the city attorney if we need to know more. >> deputy city attorney. a number of issues raised that supervisor mar is lack of notice which is a planning requirement. not a codified requirement for the bases of a conditional use. >> so it's not in necessary or compatible based on the evidence in the record and the testimony from the community. >> thank you, and my office will work with the clerk to prepare findings for the next meeting consistent with your comments. >> okay. >> so then mr. president, we would not approve item 24.
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>> item 24 would direct the clerk's office to prepare the findings based on the testimony and evidence provided today. so the board would approve 23 and 24 and then the clerk's office would prepare findings to present at the next board meeting. >> and we table item 22? >> that's correct. >> okay. again, we'll make the motion as has been proposed by supervisor mar and second by supervisor kim ascribed by our deputy city attorney. let's call the roll. >> city clerk: supervisor farrell, no, kim aye, tang, no, wiener, no, yee, aye, supervisor avalos?
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no. supervisor breed. no. supervisor campos, aye, supervisor chiu, aye. supervisor cohen. there are 5 ayes and 6 nos. >> the motion fails. >>president david chiu: i have been adviced by our clerk that a motion to approve the cu would be a motion here. do you want to add anything else to that. >> deputy city attorney john gibner, no, the motion to approve item 22, tabling 23 and 24.
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>>president david chiu: okay, is there anyone who wants to make that motion? supervisor farrell is making that motion. is there an is second to that motion? seconded by supervisor breed. with that let's take a roll call vote. >> city clerk: supervisor farrell, aye, kim, no, mar no, supervisor tang, aye, wiener aye, supervisor yee, no, supervisor avalos, aye, supervisor breed, aye, supervisor campos, no, chiu no, supervisor cohen, aye. there are 6 ayes and 5 nos. >> the issue of conditional use is approved. and with that, colleagues, madam clerk could you read the in
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memoriams. city clerk: today the memory in the following individual for the late mr. sandy segal. >> with that, madam clerk, is there anymore business in front of the board of supervisors? >> that concludes the business for today. >>president david chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>okay.
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>> mark is stuck on me
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mr. president, the recording has officially started. >> okay. >> item number one first, i'd like to officially start the small business commission it is 541 and please
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for the audience if you can turn off our cell phones and pagers please fill out a speaker card and it's not required item roll call. >> commissioner president adams commissioner dooley commissioner dwight he's stuck on muni. >> commissioner torres arrest commissioner riley commissioner tour-sarkissian sxit is absent mr. president, you have wrourm. >> thank you. next item. >> item number 2 general public comment likewise members of the public to comment generally on matters of pursue verify items and considers futuristic items.
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>> do we we have members that are commenting not on today's agenda seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> item number 3 is discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file 140999 this is this administration active code 14 b local business enterprise program that is amending the administrative code a rise the local l.b. and human rights commission to the city to codify and transfer sorry i skipped a line to codify and the enforcement from the human rights commission to the city administered and the contract monitoring sdrigs division
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riverside the mayor to set up the lbe of not less than 40 there is of the told her for small micro lbe for increasing the discount to allow the lbe on contract between $10,010,000,000 requires the chapter 14 provisions for the implementation plan important the lbe contractor for the advance program to loans and subcontractors increase the assurity bond to seven hundred and 50 thousand to one million to require the good faith for the competitive amazes and establish a mentor program between the established
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contractors and require the design and the portions of the build contract and repel the ordinance for the competition of a of the bayer library construction project and make various other changes you have justin try the allergic active aid to supervisor david chiu. >> hello, i'm from supervisor david chiu office my understanding is bill maybe here from the city administrator's office i want toy request if there's to be a lot of discussion i ask you hear the two items first and supervisor mar is here so but if it's fast if the commission has questions about the legislation and wants to go to the
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recommendations that's fine if it's brief i defer to the commission if they want to do this first. >> it's pretty clear-cut. >> yes. briefing working with the mayor's office and the contractor monitor division the stakeholders community of local before his entrepreneurs we've worked on this reform and 14 b is a core program for the city and county to make sure that micro small and the slightly all of a sudden intestate can have a good shot at participating in the cities process and among the core of the changes are citywide goal participation and other forms to improve their chances of participating in the contracting process there is a lot there but straightforward we
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have a budget committee hearing on thursday i ask you recommend approval the item. >> my commission comments? commissioner tour-sarkissian and hello, i have a question regarding the i read the changes and under 13 b-3 you removed the presumption concerning the precipitation provision concerning the san francisco federal taxed from the criteria certification and replaced it by the following to establish a privilege place of business in san francisco and accident majority of its principles are based many in san francisco could you please dwell on the logic >> thank you, commissioner my understanding is that's one of the changes that comes to as
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parrot of a clean legislation working with the sdoofgz two pieces the elimination of the payroll tax and it's replacement by itself receipt tax the monitoring division of the city administer's office that oversees the program railroads requests the second part to certify to the lbe with are partnering in the program radio in fact, businesses not only set up in san francisco by locally owned businesses. >> i have another question yeah. >> on the mentor program if you could explain to the commission. >> one of the continuing changes of the 14 b program to make sure that a local business understands the progress of the
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city contractors it quite complicated and the mentor partnership i understand that the mayor's office and the city muster participate with the local businesses with the process of certification and the lp processes their processes with are complicated it's one of the pieces of legislation my understanding from conversations with the mayor's office they want to increase the capacity for local businesses to participate in the program. >> how does it work. >> it's being flushed out but the goal is to try to have long-standing lbe top that mentor roll that a new business times to gave me a program through the city administrator's office a potential lbe can sign
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up for the program and the cd program will establish it so i think that's the goal of the program. >> commissioners. >> in the. >> bill barns if the city administrator's office just arrived do you want to add to that. >> e thank you, commissioners any other questions or comments. >> public comment that want to make a comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners, do we have recommendations this is a straightforward i'm glad we have changes it actually you know as i read it, it streamlines this program to let people that want to become lbes it's crazy so you
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appreciate supervisor chiu and the mayor's office to streamline the program it actually will give more i believe more opportunities for small businesses to do business with the city so do we have any recommendations. >> i move that we recommend this those changes. >> okay do we have a second. >> roll call. >> sxhishs adams commissioner dooley commissioner dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner riley commissioner tour-sarkissian mr. president, that you're sending forward a recommendation on the 14 b to the board of supervisors. >> thank you good job thank you. >> okay. the next two items
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items 345e8 are similar we would like to call them together do we need to do a vote on that or call them together so i'll let you. >> the item 4 discussion and possible action to make recommends to the board of supervisors on the board of supervisors file 14102 had the police code the fair treatment of formula retail employees this was an ordinance to require the formula retail 125ish89 to provide employees with two weeks notice of work schedules notice of change to work schedules and compensation for schedule changes made on less than 7 days notice and unused on call shifts to provide part-time employees with the same starting rate ever hourly pay to sees of time off and access to pro tem's this is
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a discussion and possible action introduced and supervisor david chiu and samantha restraining order hospital ask here and item 5 decision and possible action for the board of supervisors file 140880 police department office and protection of hours for the employees this is the operations of formula retail establishments requiring the employers to offer additional hours of work when available for part time and requiring the successor employers to allow the employees to stay and today, we have supervisor mar that will present on his legislation. >> thank you commissioner
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president adams and commissioners those two pieces of legislation we collectively call the retailers bill of rights it is an important legislation that will help tens of thousands of low wage workers in our city i want to say that two we've built a broad coalition that's behind us a number of them will be speaking from small business owners to workers that are low wage workers themselves it impacts their families as well in san francisco today we've been experiencing an extreme worker atmosphere for the families this is zoo to the influx of hiring professional workers particularly in the tech sector but due to the instead gro


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